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Brand: Pawfly Model: Pawfly
All In One Package - No Worry about Mismatching - Complete standard set of aquarium accessories for most air pump brands.7 ft. Airline Tubing - 3/16 inch Standard ID Clear and Flexible material. Desired length for most fish tank, Toxic-Free, White, Flexible, and Kink-Resistant.1 Air Stone - Fine bub..
Ex Tax:C$13.00
Brand: Pawfly Model: MC-3000
Super Silent: Extremely quiet operation with multi-level internal muffler. Shockproof rubber pads help reduce noise and keep it steady. Please put the pump in a cabinet or under a proctective cover when used outdoors.Running 24/7: High/Low switch to choose from. Low air flow with minimal noise, allo..
Ex Tax:C$48.99
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