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Brand: API Model: API 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips - 25 pk
·        Measures pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate & General Hardness ·        Highly accurate color charts for precise test results ·        Chart c..
Ex Tax:C$18.69
Brand: API Model: API-AMMONIA-130-Test-Kit
Reads Ammonia 0-8 ppm (mg/L)Contains one (1) API AMMONIA 130-Test Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Water Test Kit, including 2 bottles of testing solution, 2 color cards and 1 glass test tube with cap..
Ex Tax:C$20.49
Brand: API Model: API-Nitrite-Test-Kit-180-Tests
·       One nitrite test kit for freshwater and saltwater up to 180 tests, contains 1 bottle of testing solution, 1 color card and 1 glass test tube with cap ·         Detects high nitrate levels from 0-5 ppm ..
Ex Tax:C$20.49
Brand: API Model: API-PH-TEST-KIT-250-Test-Freshwater
·       Contains one (1) API PH TEST KIT 250-Test Freshwater Aquarium Water pH Test Kit, including 1 bottle of testing solution, 1 color card and 1 glass test tube with cap ·         Helps monitor an..
Ex Tax:C$13.99
Brand: API Model: API Stress Zyme Plus Bio Filtration Booster
Product Description STRESS ZYME adds beneficial bacteria to break down and consume organic matter to help keep the aquarium clean.  The bacteria in STRESS ZYME is uniquely suited to consume aquarium sludge, and keep the gravel clean.  Contains over 300 million live bacteria per teaspoonfu..
Ex Tax:C$14.99
Brand: API Model: API® ACCU Clear Aquarium Water Clairifier
Size: Available in 4 oz and 8 oz bottlesDescriptionAPI Accu-Clear This quickly and easily clarifies your cloudy aquarium. This solution clumps suspended particles together until they are big enough to be picked up by the filter. Achieve sparkling, clear water with the help of this proven solution.F..
Ex Tax:C$0.00
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