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K&H Pet Products

Brand: K&H Pet Products Model: K&H Pet Amazin' Kitty Lounge Sleeper - Gray
The K & H Amazin' Kitty Lounge Sleeper is made from 100% polyester that cats can't help but fall in love with. It traps cat hair and dander with amazing efficiency and creates an ideal space for your kitty to nest and rest in comfort.100% polyester bed Helps trap cat hair and danderGreat fo..
Ex Tax:C$19.99
Brand: K&H Pet Products Model: K&H Pet Mod Dream Half-Pod Pet Bed - Green
The K&H Mod Half-Pod provides indoor cats and small dogs with a fun, unique spot for a catnap! The special bowl design creates a secure "den" feeling pets love, and the removable soft pillow pad provides a super-comfy place to grab some zzz's.Unique bowl design is great for indoor cats and small..
Ex Tax:C$48.99
Brand: K&H Pet Products Model: K&H Pet Mod Dream Pod Cat Bed - Tan
The K & H Mod Dream Pod Cat Bed provides your cat with a truly unique napping experience! The bed zips together easily to form a cozy, enclosed, comfortable bed that allows your cat to feel private and secure. With a rugged, durable exterior and an interior made of soft Lycra, your cat may never..
Ex Tax:C$69.99
Brand: K&H Pet Products Model: K&H Pet Outdoor Heated Kitty House
K & H's Outdoor Heated Kitty House is the perfect shelter for outdoor cats, with waterproof vinyl backing, an overhanging roof to keep the elements out, and a K & H Kitty Lectro-Soft bed for warmth all night long.Waterproof for outdoor useIncludes K and H Kitty Lectro-Soft heated bedEasy to ..
Ex Tax:C$164.99
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