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Cleaning & Water Care

Model: Algone Water Clarifier & Nitrate Remover
Product Description Algone Water Clarifier and Nitrate Remover cleans your aquarium in no time! Algone os 100% chemical free and all natural to prevents cloudy or green waterRemoves nitrates and ammoniaSimplifies tank maintenance and fixes "ugly" tanksSafe for freshwater or saltwater aquariumsThis ..
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Brand: API Model: API 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips - 25 pk
·        Measures pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate & General Hardness ·        Highly accurate color charts for precise test results ·        Chart c..
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Brand: Eheim Model: Eheim Jager Heater
With the EHEIM precision heater your fish receive exactly the right temperature – in any aquarium.  Specifications: - Precise temperature adjustment from 18 up to 34 °C - Simple and safe recalibration (±2 °C) - Te..
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Brand: Seachem Model: Seachem Filter Sock 100 Micron
Exceptional particulate removal for superior water quality Filter socks are a critical component in maintaining water quality in aquariums. They remove suspended debris and detritus, which often lead to excess dissolved organics, nitrate, and phosphate when left unchecked. This ..
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Brand: Seachem Model: Seachem-Flourish-iron-250ml-500ml-2l
Flourish Iron™ is a highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) ferrous iron gluconate supplement. Plants are able to much more easily derive a benefit from Flourish Iron™ because ferrous iron gluconate is already in the ferrous form so they do not expend energy reducing it. Despite what other manu..
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Seachem Matrix Bio Media Seachem Matrix Bio Media
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Brand: Seachem Model: Seachem Matrix Bio Media
·        High capacity biofiltration ·        Controls ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate ·        Highly porous - enormous surface area (>~700 m2/L) ..
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Brand: Seachem Model: Seachem Prime Water Conditioner
Product Description Use during startup and water changes to eliminate and detoxify harmful chemicals in tap water and make your aquarium safe for fish. Seachem's flagship product!Removes chlorine, chloramine and toxic ammoniaDetoxifies nitrite and nitrateProvides protective slime coatPromotes ..
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Brand: Seachem Model: Seachem Pristine
Product Description Natural organic waste management treatmentRapidly and safely eliminates sludge and detritusSafe for freshwater and marine aquariumsHelps increase ater clarityBio-augmentation uses beneficial bacteria cultures to break down and remove potentially harmful compounds in your aquariu..
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Model: Sump-Filter-Sock
Description: 100% brand new and high quality For both freshwater and saltwater aquariums Removes excess food, trap debris which helps prevent objects like sand and coral from damaging aquarium equipment. Used as mechanical filter ..
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Model: Sump-Filter-Sock-9CM ID
Made of durable 200 micron fiber.  Trap small dirt particles. Specifications:  Material: polypropylene + Polypropylene Polyester Diameter: 105mm/ 4.13inch Length: 380mm/ 14.96inch Color:White Density: 200 micron(0.2mm) Qu..
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Model: Sump Filter Sock Bag Holder 4inch
Mount Bracket for Aquarium Fish Tank (5-15mm Thickness)Material: Acrylic..
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Brand: Zoo Med Model: Zoo Med High Range Reptile Thermometer
Liquid crystal thermometer for all types of enclosures. Ranges from 70° to 105° F (21° to 40° C)Easy to read crystal coloring...
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