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Lil Pals

Brand: Lil Pals Model: Lil Pals Double Sided Comb
Product Description Li'l Pals Double-Sided Comb is perfect for puppies and toy breeds. Designed specifically to meet the needs of your little pal! Smooth, round teeth are gentle on the skin.Closely spaced teeth lift out fleas, debris and burs.Helps break up mats and removes tangles.Perfect for Pupp..
Ex Tax:C$7.99
Brand: Lil Pals Model: Lil Pals Pet Bells Pink
Product Description Li'l Pals Round Pink Pet Bells will help you keep track of your little amigo! Whether you have a small puppy, toy breed or adventurous cat, you'll want to keep track of its whereabouts at all times. These stylish, tinkling bells attach easily to your pet's collar and make him or..
Ex Tax:C$6.99
Lil Pals Pet Bells - Silver by Lil Pals
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Brand: Lil Pals Model: Lil Pals Pet Bells Silver
Product Description Li'l Pals Pet Bells are a cute and fun way to make sure you know right where your small pet is at all times. Easily attachable to any collar, Pet Bells are great for cats, puppies and toy breeds.Perfect for cats, puppies and toy breedsEasily attaches to any collarCute and fun wa..
Ex Tax:C$6.99
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