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Filters & Pumps

Model: AAUV9W
For eradicating and controlling free-floating micro-organisms as well as disease-causing pathogens.Keep fish healthier and your tank clearer Eliminate mold, improve claritycULus listed quality- Water pump included- Simple 1-2-3 installation- Submersible assembly- No external pipes or plumbing- ..
Ex Tax:C$80.00
Brand: Hydrofarm Model: AAPA3.2L7.8L15L25L
Steady air flow outputAdjustable airpressureLow power consumptionCETLus Listed Specifications: Item # 1 2 3 4 Model# AAPA3.2L AAPA7.8L AAPA15L AAPA25L Number of Ou..
Ex Tax:C$0.00
Brand: Hydrofarm Model: Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump
This commercial air pump is perfect to run several Waterfarms or multiple air stones at once. Electrical magnetic air compressor in a high quality aluminum alloy case, wear and tear resistant material for cylinder and piston. High pressure and high output, comes with multi-outlet divider. Super sile..
Ex Tax:C$0.00
Brand: Hydrofarm Model: AAPW400
 FEATURES Indoor / outdoor use Adjustable Flow KnobDual Function – Use Submersible or InlineBPA free, Oil free / safe for aquaponic use.  Customer rated #1 pump for aquaponics! UL-listed Multiple hose fittings for versatility 6 ft. heavy duty power cord Rubber mounting feet to reduce vibr..
Ex Tax:C$30.00
Model: Airstone 6"
Connect to air pump via standard air tubing. Let your fish and plants enjoy the oxygen bath...
Ex Tax:C$4.00
Model: Air Stone 8"
The air diffuser is ideal for adding bubbly highlights in your aquarium. Simply connect the air diffuser to your airline tubing and place it in desired location. Material: Mineral,Fade-resistant and non-toxic, easy to clean It fits standard air tubing 1/4" ID.Color: Multi color..
Ex Tax:C$7.00
Model: Biochemical Sponge Filter DIY Set
Sponge filters provide both mechanical and biological filtrationProvides the ideal location for bacterial colonization.Does not trap baby fish, perfect for shrimpDimension: 5"L x 1.8"W x 5.5" HMax Tank Size: 10 Gallon Size Small Medium Design ..
Ex Tax:C$5.50
Brand: Floraflex Model: 760456
The FloraFlexTM Tubing is a flexible premium vinyl, food grade hose. 100 feet in length per roll,  1/4 inch OD 3/16 inch ID Green color*******  Please email,  if you only want several feet instead of 100' *****************..
Ex Tax:C$26.00
Brand: Fluval Model: Fluval Edge Power Filter Pre-Filter Sponge
Product Description This Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge is specifically designed for your Fluval Edge Power Filter. Install on the filter the intake to collect fine debris, improving filter efficiency and keeping your aquarium cleaner. Also prevents small fish from becoming trapped by the filter suc..
Ex Tax:C$5.50
Brand: Fluval Model: Fluval Foam Filter Block for 206/306
Product Description Fluval Foam Filter Blocks provide effective first-stage mechanical filtration for Fluval 204/205/206 and 304/305/306 model filters. These foam blocks are custom-fit to trap large particles and debris, with an ideal pore size to allow efficient water passage and prevent clogging...
Ex Tax:C$8.99
Brand: Marineland Model: Marineland 2 In 1 Bio Foam Prefilter
Product Description Marineland 2 in 1 Bio Foam Prefilter screens out dirt and debris while supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Crystal-clear water is the mark of a healthy, thriving aquarium, this filter foam will boost mechanical and biological filtration for premium water clarity. Easy ..
Ex Tax:C$10.99
Brand: Pawfly Model: Pawfly
All In One Package - No Worry about Mismatching - Complete standard set of aquarium accessories for most air pump brands.7 ft. Airline Tubing - 3/16 inch Standard ID Clear and Flexible material. Desired length for most fish tank, Toxic-Free, White, Flexible, and Kink-Resistant.1 Air Stone - Fine bub..
Ex Tax:C$13.00
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