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Model: Automatic Feeder Timing Aquarium Tank Feeder
It accommodates most types of food, including flakes, pellets or crumbles.You can set up to 4 exact feeding time every day and 1 - 3 rotation every time when you on vacation or on business.You can press manual button to stop auto feeding  and resume regular hand feeding. This fish feeder is the..
Ex Tax:C$30.00
Model: Eheim Automatic Feeder
Product Features• Easy digital LCD programming for up to a maximum of 4 feedings per day•  Worry free on vacation without worrying who will feed your fish• Includes a universal installation clamp to make set-up easier for you• Adjustable slider allows you to set desired portions• Capacity 100ml..
Ex Tax:C$45.00
Brand: Tetra Model: Tetra 77851
 Minimal noise, maximum airflowDome shape actually flattens sound wave frequenciesIncludes sound dampening chambersRubber feet and suspended motor prevent sound waves from reflecting off surfacesNon-UL listed. 2-year warranty (excluding rubber parts)Specifications:Whisper 10:Tanks up to 10 gall..
Ex Tax:C$21.00
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