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Arcadia Trail

Brand: Arcadia Trail Model: Arcadia Trail Easy Grab Dog Leash
The Arcadia Trail Easy Grab Leash is a must-have item because it gives your dog the freedom to explore and you the option of having him on-leash in an instant. This leash was created for the purpose of allowing your dog to be off-leash while outdoors, with the option of putting him on leash quickly ..
Ex Tax:C$16.99
Brand: Arcadia Trail Model: Arcadia Trail Hands-Free Leash
Give yourself more freedom on the trail while still keeping your dog secure and safe with the Arcadia Trail Hands-Free Leash. This leash is shock absorbent and detachable, with an attached waist pack that allows you to bring smaller items along for the ride. It offers added safety as well, as reflec..
Ex Tax:C$46.99
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